Our Services

Mediators at Divorce 101 are carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients.

Each mediator who takes the lead role is an attorney who is well versed in matrimonial law.

We also offer access to outside consultants in various fields including real estate, accounting, finance, psychology and social work, to create the best possibility for a successful outcome.

At the start of the mediation consultation you will be required to sign a Mediation Agreement which outlines our services and joint responsibilities as well as confidentiality issues. Click here to view the Mediation Agreement.

Each mediation session may be different. Initially we will seek to ascertain basic background information and identify important issues such as distribution of assets, use and occupancy of property, responsibility for debts, spousal support, custody, parenting time, child support, as well as other issues that may come up in mediation that are particular to your case. As the mediation process continues, your mediator will work with you and your spouse towards a settlement.

You’ll be emailed a summary of the mediation session within 2 business days by your mediator to help you keep track of the progress being made.

At the conclusion of the mediation process, at your option, we will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding. We recommend that you each have separate attorneys to prepare your divorce agreement and file for your divorce. Of course at any stage of the mediation you are entitled to each have independent legal counsel. As mediators we do not represent either of you in any legal capacity.

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